Issue Two


Customer Uplift Issue 2 

Hello to all the new subscribers who have joined in the past week.

Since issue one went out last Thursday, I’ve had lots of great feedback and plenty of people are sharing and signing up, which is wonderful to see.

My goal with this is to share the best content, tools, strategies, and opportunities I discover with as many people in the Customer Success community as possible, so please do share this if you can.

Career Progressions in Customer Success

I’ve had a few conversations this week with people looking to break into the CS space, or grow into their next role.

We’ve had discussions on whether CSM certifications like SuccessHacker or Gainsight’s Pulse+ are right for them and whether hiring managers are even looking for them.

One resource I suggested a few people check out is Ankit Aggarwal’s Podcast ‘The CS Mentor’. These super short and snappy podcasts (some episodes are just 5 mins long) give you Ankit’s insights on how he landed his latest CS role and has also gone on to mentor over 100 other CS professionals to help them land their next job. Well worth listening to, even if you’re not moving job just yet.

Shout out to Jeff Breunsbach at Gain Grow Retain.

I’ve done workshops led by Jeff and Jay before about things like Joint Success Plans and been a member of the GGR community for a little while. However, I hadn’t spoken to Jeff one-on-one before, until last week when he kindly reached out to me to find out more about Customer Uplift.

Despite the recent acquisition, Gain Grow Retain continues to go from strength to strength and remains a great place to discuss CS topics in-depth with other CS leaders, both on the forums as well as their weekly office hours.

One thing I’m super excited about this week is I booked tickets to attend The Customer Conference 2020.

It goes without saying that it’s a virtual event, but this works well as it’s been scheduled in such a way that people in the US, UK, Europe, and India can all attend at relatively sensible times of the day.

Billed as the world’s largest Customer Success conference, it boasts 70 speakers, 3,000 attendees, 17 interactive panels, 10 workshops, and 5 learning tracks, spread across 2 days – all for just £30.

I hope to see some of you there.

I’m interested to know what challenges, issues, or questions you have about the CS space – drop me an email on I’d love to hear from you.
And remember – if you like what you’ve read, please do spread the word amongst your CS colleagues and share on LinkedIn.

See you next Thursday!


Jon @ Customer Uplift

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