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Customer Uplift Issue 1 

We all know that helping customers achieve their business outcomes with our products is a full-time job in itself.

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Customer Success and Customer Support are not the same thing … 

I recently collaborated with SuperOffice, one of Europe’s leading CRM platforms to discuss why the reactive nature of Customer Support is a world away from the proactive strategies behind Customer Success. As part of the project we surveyed ~500 companies and uncovered that only 31% of them currently had their own CS team and 36% of them saw no difference between Success and Support.

The State of Customer Success – Global Survey

A few days ago I chatted with Prithwi Dasgupta – CEO and Co-Founder of SmartKarrot – he shared with me some incredible research that his team have been working on. The most startling takeaway I took from this is that 61% of CS teams don’t use a dedicated CS platform to manage their customers – are you one of them?

How to develop an outcomes-based approach for our customers

As part of a recent LinkedIn exchange with Matt Myszkowski VP of Customer Success for EMEA at SAP, we talked about his enthusiasm for an outcomes-based approach to make customers truly successful. Not only did Matt recommend a great book – The Outcome Generation by Paul Henderson – but he also did a podcast with Paul on the topic. Check them out, well worth a read and a listen.

Evolution of the Customer Success organisation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the evolution and scalability of the Customer Success organisation I lead. As the company grows, we need to grow in parallel. This article by Russ Drury not only crystalized my thinking, but his evolution graph really helped to visualize the issue I was dealing with – thanks Russ!

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