Issue four

Customer Uplift Issue 4 
This week has seen a number of new subscribers, which is hugely exciting – so, welcome to all of you.

For those of you who are new, every week Customer Uplift aims to share the best CS content, strategies, tools, and opportunities, for you to read in 5 minutes or less.

So, let’s get into the good stuff!
The State of Customer Success & Salary Review – Today 10am PST
Totango are taking a deep dive into CS industry trends for 2020, hiring patterns and compensation packages, as well as the overall outlook for CS in the future.

Don’t miss this if you want to get the inside track on the state of Customer Success – but hurry it kicks off today at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 7pm CET – Register now
Remote-Friendly CS Jobs
Back by popular demand, these are links to remote-friendly CS jobs that have appeared on my radar this week. I get to hear about tons of non-remote opportunities too, shall I include them too? Let me know.

Customer Success Manager – Europe – at Gatekeeper

Customer Success Specialist – US – at MobileMonkey

Onboarding Success Specialist – US – at Juni Learning
5 Books Every CSM Should Read
Any Customer Success professional who takes their role seriously and wants to advance in the industry is going to be thinking about continuous personal development.

Certifications are one way to do this, as is learning from thought leaders and mentors.

However, a key source of information that can sometimes be overlooked is books. With that in mind, I want to highlight 5 books that every CSM should read:

The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook – Written by the CCO and Chief Strategist at Gainsight, this book offers a complete resource for CSM’s to thrive – offering both action-oriented CS strategies and career-progression advice.

The Outcome Generation – I mentioned this book before in Issue One, but the point remains. Aligning not just your product, but your business, around what your customers consider success to be – and helping them achieve those outcomes – is the best way to make your business thrive.

Listen or Die – Many companies collect customer feedback, but very few take meaningful action on it. Listen or Die gives you 40 lessons that help you close the loop in your VOC program and turn customer feedback into gold.

Farm Don’t Hunt – Written by Guy Nirpaz the founder of Totango, Farm Don’t Hunt is a no nonsense overview of what Customer Success is, why it’s so important, and how you can implement it in your organisation.

The Startups Guide to Customer Success – Sometimes Customer Success as a concept can feel very corporate, but really it should be implemented by all businesses of all sizes. The Startups Guide to Customer Success gives you the inside track on how to champion CS in any size of organisation.
This list just scratches the surface, so I’d love to know, what are your favourite CS books?
When is the right time to use a CS tool?
There are some fantastic tools out there to help CSMs to manage their customers. However, you don’t need a system from day one – especially if you don’t have a process in place. This article from UK-based CS leader Dean Colegate outlines when the right time is to bring in a CS tool for your team to use and how to prepare for it. 
Sharing is Caring
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Issue three

Customer Uplift Issue 3 
Hello to all the new subscribers who’ve joined since last week – thank you and welcome!

As always, I want to share with you the best Customer Success content, tools, strategies, and opportunities that I discover each week.

So, without further ado…
The Open Book of Customer Success
This week, Customer Uplift was lucky enough to be added to the Open Book of Customer Success.

Open Book is a directory featuring some of the best Customer / Client Success resources available online, so it’s great to be included.

Split into 4 areas; Tools, Community/Events, Consultants, and Resources, it offers a fascinating reference point if you’re looking for something specific to help you in your CS endeavours.
Building a Renewal Playbook in 5 steps
There are so many great webinars, podcasts, and video tutorials available now to help us all learn more about CS best practice – so many in fact that I can’t possibly listen to them all.

Work commitments meant I missed out on a recent webinar by Paul Phillip – CEO of Amity CSM software – all about building renewal playbooks, so I was delighted to see it recapped in an easy 4-minute read on Keep The Customer.
CSM Career Development Video
Obviously, the jobs market is pretty tough at the moment. I’m hearing from people every day who are keen to break into Customer Success – and I want to do what I can to help.

With that in mind, check out this video I discovered recently on the CSM Practice YouTube channel which talks about career paths in CS and skills development – it’s full of actionable insights!

Customer Success Jobs
I also wanted to share some remote-friendly Customer Success job opportunities I’ve seen lately. Should I share more job links in future? Let me know.

Customer Success Specialist – Sendible
Customer Success Engineer – Pressable
Sr. Customer Success Manager – H1
Head of Customer Success – Simplero

Catalyst Coaching Corner
Another option for those thinking about jobs and careers in CS is Catalyst Coaching Corner. It’s a new initiative that brings together 30 Customer Success leaders from companies like Slack, IntelliShift, Braze, Swiftly and Hootsuite, who have all generously committed to spending some time each month coaching professionals who are trying to break into CS or in CS and want to elevate their careers. Applications are now open! 
On My Mind This Week on LinkedIn
 Be honest.

Is your company selling to your ideal customer?

Or, is it selling to anyone it can get?

Forcing square pegs into round holes may seem like a way to boost ARR, but it’s short-term thinking.

These ‘bad fit’ customers are far more likely to churn.

Or, if they stay, making them successful is going to create a ton of extra work for your CS team.

Not only is this wasted resource, but the opportunity cost of lost time with your ideal customers is huge.

The real key to sustainable, long-term growth is selling to your ideal customer, not ‘spray and pray’ sales.

So, if they’re not already, make sure your Marketing, Sales, and CS teams are all aligned behind the same ideal customer profiles. 
Referral Program?
 Customer Uplift is growing week on week, which is truly awesome to see – but I want to help more people in CS by sharing this stuff with them.

If I set up a referral program to help you spread the word and invite some of your colleagues to subscribe to Customer Uplift – what would you like in return?

Entries into a competition prize draw? Access to exclusive content? A virtual high-five and shoutout in a future issue? Or something else entirely?

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Issue Two


Customer Uplift Issue 2 

Hello to all the new subscribers who have joined in the past week.

Since issue one went out last Thursday, I’ve had lots of great feedback and plenty of people are sharing and signing up, which is wonderful to see.

My goal with this is to share the best content, tools, strategies, and opportunities I discover with as many people in the Customer Success community as possible, so please do share this if you can.

Career Progressions in Customer Success

I’ve had a few conversations this week with people looking to break into the CS space, or grow into their next role.

We’ve had discussions on whether CSM certifications like SuccessHacker or Gainsight’s Pulse+ are right for them and whether hiring managers are even looking for them.

One resource I suggested a few people check out is Ankit Aggarwal’s Podcast ‘The CS Mentor’. These super short and snappy podcasts (some episodes are just 5 mins long) give you Ankit’s insights on how he landed his latest CS role and has also gone on to mentor over 100 other CS professionals to help them land their next job. Well worth listening to, even if you’re not moving job just yet.

Shout out to Jeff Breunsbach at Gain Grow Retain.

I’ve done workshops led by Jeff and Jay before about things like Joint Success Plans and been a member of the GGR community for a little while. However, I hadn’t spoken to Jeff one-on-one before, until last week when he kindly reached out to me to find out more about Customer Uplift.

Despite the recent acquisition, Gain Grow Retain continues to go from strength to strength and remains a great place to discuss CS topics in-depth with other CS leaders, both on the forums as well as their weekly office hours.

One thing I’m super excited about this week is I booked tickets to attend The Customer Conference 2020.

It goes without saying that it’s a virtual event, but this works well as it’s been scheduled in such a way that people in the US, UK, Europe, and India can all attend at relatively sensible times of the day.

Billed as the world’s largest Customer Success conference, it boasts 70 speakers, 3,000 attendees, 17 interactive panels, 10 workshops, and 5 learning tracks, spread across 2 days – all for just £30.

I hope to see some of you there.

I’m interested to know what challenges, issues, or questions you have about the CS space – drop me an email on I’d love to hear from you.
And remember – if you like what you’ve read, please do spread the word amongst your CS colleagues and share on LinkedIn.

See you next Thursday!


Jon @ Customer Uplift

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Issue One

Customer Uplift Issue 1 

We all know that helping customers achieve their business outcomes with our products is a full-time job in itself.

So, keeping up with all the great Customer Success content out there can be a challenge.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a weekly email that summarises some of the best CS content, strategies, tools, and opportunities around.

If you’re in a hurry, you should be able to read the whole thing in less than 5 minutes – or if you prefer, you can take a deep dive into specific topics by clicking the relevant link.

Customer Success and Customer Support are not the same thing … 

I recently collaborated with SuperOffice, one of Europe’s leading CRM platforms to discuss why the reactive nature of Customer Support is a world away from the proactive strategies behind Customer Success. As part of the project we surveyed ~500 companies and uncovered that only 31% of them currently had their own CS team and 36% of them saw no difference between Success and Support.

The State of Customer Success – Global Survey

A few days ago I chatted with Prithwi Dasgupta – CEO and Co-Founder of SmartKarrot – he shared with me some incredible research that his team have been working on. The most startling takeaway I took from this is that 61% of CS teams don’t use a dedicated CS platform to manage their customers – are you one of them?

How to develop an outcomes-based approach for our customers

As part of a recent LinkedIn exchange with Matt Myszkowski VP of Customer Success for EMEA at SAP, we talked about his enthusiasm for an outcomes-based approach to make customers truly successful. Not only did Matt recommend a great book – The Outcome Generation by Paul Henderson – but he also did a podcast with Paul on the topic. Check them out, well worth a read and a listen.

Evolution of the Customer Success organisation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the evolution and scalability of the Customer Success organisation I lead. As the company grows, we need to grow in parallel. This article by Russ Drury not only crystalized my thinking, but his evolution graph really helped to visualize the issue I was dealing with – thanks Russ!

As with anything new, feedback is very much welcome.

Too long?

Too short?

Just right?

Let me know – I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts, you can email me directly on .

If you like what you’ve read, please do spread the word amongst your CS colleagues and share on LinkedIn.

See you next Thursday!


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